Countries where Marijuana is Legal

The global tide concerning marijuana legalization is slowly turning. Some places like Amsterdam are famous with its well-known coffee-shops  associated with legally smoking marijuana.

Marijuana legalization is still Controversial topic, but some countries have passed decriminalization laws for small amounts of marijuana like Jamaica and Australia, as huffington post reported.

Check the list below of the countries with favorable laws to marijuana use:


In The U.S. marijuana is one of most notorious political movements, however up to now only Washington D.C. and four other states have legalized marijuana recreationally. Many states, such as Arizona, Massachusetts and New York, have passed medical marijuana laws. But according to the Department of Drug Enforcement Administration known as DEA marijuana is still a ScheduleI I drug in many States.


According to Yahoo News report, recently Colombian President Juan M. Santos approved a law that legalized medical marijuana, so that several patients can access medicines made in Colombia, which are safe, high quality and affordable for all Colombians. It is also an opportunity to promote scientific research in our country, Santos said. Actually in Colombia is legal to care up to 20 grams of marijuana; however smoking in public was still illegal.

The Netherlands

When we talk about several places or cities worldwide where it is legal for people to smoke marijuana, the first place that comes in mind is Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where anyone over the age of 18 can buy available marijuana products, like joints and edibles which can be smoked in designated coffee shops different from normal cafes, and its allowed to carry a personal stash of up to five grams, as reported by BBC.


Uruguay is the only country that legalized marijuana on a national scale so far. According to the Guardian It’s legal to grow, sell and also consume cannabis. But, only drugstores are allowed to sell it to adult Uruguayans which are registered in the government and doesn't include tourists.


Canada was one of the first countries to legalize medical marijuana according to Mic post. As many other countries Canada is currently working on to legalizing recreational cannabis. However, No province has the authority to establish its own laws, wherein Canada has a single federal law for the whole country, which is completely different from the United States, as U.S. News & World Report reported.


In 2013 according to the Huffington Post, Romania passed a new law that has legalized marijuana derivatives only for medicinal purposes. However, the country did not legalize marijuana for medical use, it’s only allowed for people to have products that contain cannabis compounds and not the green itself.


In 2013, France legalized also prescript-based products containing cannabis derivatives, as the  reported.

After all, the use of marijuana is not as bad as you may think, either for medical or recreational purposes. Marijuana as we mentioned above has innumerous benefits for our health as long as it’s used moderately.